Contact Lenses

Contact Lens +100%-

Over 30 million people wear contact lenses in this country. Unlike glasses, contact lenses give you a much fuller field of vision with fewer distortions. They also do not fog up on cold days and get in the way like glasses do with sports and work.

At Clark Eye Center, we carry many different kinds of contacts. These include rigid and flexible, extended wear, disposable and planned replacement lenses. Some lenses can be bifocals and come in different colors. They also can correct almost any prescription including ones with high astigmatism.

After a thorough eye exam and consultation with an experienced physician, we will discuss with patients who are candidates for contact lenses which lenses are right for them. We will also instruct you to properly insert and remove your lenses along with lens handling and care.

Regular follow-up exams are necessary to ensure that the contact lenses fit properly and that your eyes remain healthy.