Custom LASIK “Zyoptix”

Zyoptix LaserZyoptix Customized LASIK – Bausch & Lomb’s Zyoptix system is personalized LASIK surgery which involves an extra diagnostic (screening) process extensive enough to let the surgeon see every individual patient’s unique optical characteristics. After a Zyoptix assessment, your surgeon has a broad base of information to decide if you are a good candidate for treatment and how to plan that treatment for you.

Advanced Screening Only with Zyoptix:

Your eye surgeon at Clark Eye Center will conduct an extra diagnostic (screening) process unique to the Zyoptix Customized LASIK procedure. The screening process will enable your eye surgeon to treat individual vision errors unique to each eye. The screening process involves state-of the-art technology utilized by two different types of equipment, the Orbscan II and the Zywave. The Orbscan collects data to show the structure of your cornea (called topography), and the Zywave collects a measurement of your optical system using advanced wavefront technology. Together, data received from the Orbscan II and the Zywave is used to program the laser with your one-of-a-kind treatment. These special measurements make Zyoptix Customized LASIK a procedure truly tailor-made for your eyes.

The Customized Zyoptix LASIK Procedure:

Prior to surgery, the surgeon will go through the procedure step-by-step so that you will know what will be taking place. Before starting with the procedure, one of your eyes will be covered while the other eye is being treated.

Next, a series of numbing drops are placed in the eye, making Zyoptix a virtually pain-free procedure. Once the eye is numbed, a lid holder is placed on the eye, which prevents the eye from blinking. Patients are then directed to watch a blinking red light during treatment in an effort to minimize movement. At this point, the microkeratome, a highly precise instrument that creates a protective layer on the cornea, is placed on the eye. Patients who desire a bladeless treatment, will have a small instrument, similar to a clear plastic tube, placed on the eye to help guide the laser light. Both procedures apply a slight pressure that causes the vision in the eye to dim, and feels like a slight squeeze on the eye. A protective layer is created, called a corneal flap, which is gently moved out of the way exposing the inner tissue of the cornea.

Using the Bausch & Lomb branded Technolas 217z excimer laser, under computer and surgeon control, the laser treats the patients prescription using short and cool beam pulses. In addition, an infrared eye tracking system monitors the eye position, and keeps the eye centered allowing for small, natural eye movements. If too much movement is detected, the laser will automatically stop and the surgeon will make the necessary modifications so that you get a precise and comprehensive treatment. The actual laser treatment usually takes less than one minute per eye to complete.

After the surgery, patients are advised to go home and “rest” their eyes for the remainder of the day. Patients are given eye drops to keep the eyes clean and moist and sleeping goggles and sunglasses are provided to help protect eyes from being rubbed.

General Facts about Zyoptix Customized LASIK:

• Zyoptix means that laser eye surgery is unique to each eye. Zyoptix is designed specifically to treat your individual vision errors.

• Zyoptix could improve the quality of your vision. In an evaluation of clinical data submitted to Bausch & Lomb, significantly more Zyoptix patients had better quality of vision with night driving than patients treated with standard LASIK.

• Each Zyoptix treatment assessment involves an extra diagnostic (screening) process to allow the surgeon to understand your vision more thoroughly and select the most suitable treatment for you.

• The Zyoptix system uses the latest, most advanced technology to detect and treat very small vision errors.

• The Zyoptix system has many advanced built-in safety features that help to optimize the success of your treatment.